Fast Iron Cleaners staff is proud to give each one of its customers the highest level of quality and personal service.
Fast Iron Cleaners does its best to be sure that you always look your best.

Fast Iron Cleaners


With our years of experience, we have perfected the cleaning, pressing and packaging of shirts, so you receive them clean, crisp, and wrinkle free.
Once you’ve experienced our shirt service – you’ll keep coming back!


Fast Iron Cleaners is happy to offer same day service for more convenient dry cleaning! Drop your clothes off by 08.30AM and pick them up at the same day.

Fast Iron Cleaners
Fast Iron Cleaners


Whether you’re a suit -wearer or the kind of guy / girl who prefers jeans and sneakers, there are certain style -minded skills every man / woman should possess. That’s where we come in. A good suit isn’t (and shouldn’t be) cheap. It’s a garment every man and woman should invest in, and like anything worthwhile, it needs a bit of attention. Suits are surprisingly sturdy when it comes to holding up to the forces of everyday life. Across the ages, men have worked ( and played) in their three-pieces, and today’s suits are no different. So now that you’ve spent the money and want your suit to look good for years to come take it to the dry cleaners if you notice a stain that can’t get away. We will take care of that.


Are you overwhelmed by laundry?
At Fast Iron Cleaners, we specialize in providing our customers with wash/dry/fold laundry services. Perfect for your everyday items, sheets, towels and other clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned. This service involves us laundering your clothes in a washing machine and dryer to leave you with fresh, clean laundry – without the work that goes along with it!

Fast Iron Cleaners
Fast Iron Cleaners


We have specialized equipment ready to clean your down filled items. It will wash and dry your sleeping bags or other items without damaging the internal baffles which need extra care to protect. Our process is more effective than cleaning items at home in the bathtub, and definitely more delicate than washing in the machines you have at home. Professionally cleaning your comforters and pillows will extend their usable life and protect them from wear and tear. Our products are eco-friendly which means they are safe on the planet as well as safe for your entire family. Whenever we clean down filled items, we first inspect for troublesome areas or damage and we offer repairs if required.


We realize that image is everything, we will ensure that you always look the part. From a minor rip or tear, a simple hem to complete tailoring services, our team is here for you. We will repair & replace laundered shirt buttons free of charge.

Fast Iron Cleaners